"Experience is a memory, but the reverse is also true."

– Albert Camus


Translation skills are acquired in two ways: through education, and through experience.

Education consists of the acquisition of the lexicon unique to a field, while experience enables us to orient our terminological choices according to market requirements.

At ADHOC, we believe that translators should never attempt to impose their words on the market; it is the market that imposes its words.

Translators must take the terminological preferences of a field into account and respect them at all times. All too often, through linguistic rectitude, translators impose unnatural terminological choices that fail to meet communication objectives strategically based on target markets.

At ADHOC, our objective is to continuously develop our areas of expertise in synergy with our clients. With a concurrent engineering approach, we draw up glossaries and quality assurance processes with them that respect the professional terminology of businesses and target markets.


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