Transcreation: when creativity meets translation

After spending several hours and large sums of money to develop a marketing strategy, businesses rightly require that the translated message has the same impact as the original message. To accomplish this, translators must show ingenuity; this is where the creative value of copywriting takes on all its importance.

This process, sometimes called "transcreation," is the opposite of "literal translation." While the more classic literal translation concentrates on the words in a sentence, transcreation focuses on the message to convey and takes into account contextual elements such as the culture and geographical location of the target audience. Therefore, to obtain the same impact on the target audience in one language as much as in the other, any slogan, advertising text, and marketing concept must undergo a transcreation process, and not a literal translation.

For our team, translation and transcreation are indissociable; this is what we call targeted translation, and it is this approach that sets us apart. We have translated hundreds of advertising campaigns, in print, on television, and on the Web, for local, national and international clients. We recognize the elements of a project that require a creative approach, and we understand the constraints related to certain types of documents.

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