Build bridges between you and potential clients all around the world

Your desire to export has you eyeing Asia or Europe? We can help you. When you need to have documents translated into foreign languages such as Chinese, Korean, Russian, Finnish, etc., it is essential that the translation agency be able to ensure the quality of the contents you disseminate. In this regard, we take care of the quality assurance and compliance stages to make sure your message is an ally of your export strategy, and not a hindrance to its success.

ADHOC L.S. will help you communicate with your consumers, no matter where they are. Whether your goal is to make your products or services known on the Web or to develop content on rigid platforms, do not let linguistic barriers dictate your growth rate.

Our team of administrators can draw up multilingual content strategies with you that can be translated and integrated concurrently on various platforms.


To learn how we can help your message reach the world, contact us.

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