A new television platform from Cogeco

ADHOC is proud to have played a role in the development of the French version of the new television platform from Cogeco, now available in Québec.

The result of a close collaboration with Cogeco and TiVo – also one of ADHOC's clients – this platform represents the cutting edge in television services.

The role ADHOC played in the elaboration of the French version and in the deployment of this new platform has been quite significant.

From the very early stages of the project, ADHOC has been working closely with the technical teams at TiVo in California and Cogeco in Québec. Our team of translators, copyeditors and project managers have localized the entire interface content for the various platforms, as well as the user and installation guides.

This major project allowed us to demonstrate our understanding of the file structures involved in end-user interfaces, and to highlight our know-how in the efficient treatment of such files.

By successfully completing this important project, ADHOC has proven its expertise and its mastery in managing complex projects.

To learn more about the new TiVo platform from Cogeco, see the press release.

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