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Sensing that the world of translation was changing, I founded ADHOC Language Solutions inc. (originally Ad Hoc Writing | Translation) in October 2000. The first translation aid tools (TAT) were emerging, and the Internet was providing more and more glossaries and specialized databases, enabling translators and copy editors to gain in efficiency, reliability and profitability. It was therefore obvious to me that the future of translation would involve the development of TATs, requiring translators to master them. Moreover, translation was expanding out of the literary domain to enter the vast field of communications; it was ceasing to be merely a compulsory step always coming at the end of processes to finally become a key step of communication strategies designed during the very first stages of projects. The translation of communications was part of an entirely new paradigm, and all the aspects of this young domain had yet to be defined.

Employed by a communications company as a writer and translator during the late 1990s, I quickly realized that there was an ever increasing demand for multilingual content to be put on the Web. I created ADHOC to meet this demand. The company's mission was clear: to provide high-quality content, original and translated, adapted to modern means of communication.

Since then, ADHOC Language Solutions has experienced constant growth while offering translation services, as well as other language services.

Since 2008, ADHOC has been able to rely on its in-depth knowledge of the North American market to forge itself an enviable position among some of the world's major consumer product companies and some Canadian companies boasting notoriety beyond our borders.

Having helped create the creative agency ZOU!COM in 2013, ADHOC L.S. now offers an even wider array of communication services.

Today, ADHOC surely is a translation agency that relies first and foremost on respecting communication objectives, but it is also a laboratory for developing translation and quality assurance processes and a place for dynamic exchanges between the world of words and that of images, where language experts do everything it takes to ensure your message carries and gives you a good return.

Welcome to ADHOC, your targeted translation agency for the North American market.


Gilbert Mercure

President and founder of ADHOC L.S. Inc.

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